Our Life

Grocery shopping with my babies

In the last week have been writting out my meal plan for the next two weeks and am exited to do my major grocery shopping tomorrow.The children love it and i love it it too although it always leaves me panting like a dog.Our rounds always include Kroger,world market,the cupdoard(a local store),drug emporium,Wal-mart and of course Sams club where the kids get to enjoy PIZZA!
As my 3 year old son screams out “pizza”, my little 18ms old girl goes “pita,pita”…….how fun.We sum up our entire grocery trip covered in pizza sauce…well,just the kids and a nice pizza perfume for everybody.This is our life,although some days could be better,the better days are fun and we are grateful to God for giving us a chance to be part of them.

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