Our Life

This is life

It’s been a beautiful morning;woke up to my husband’s smile……i am sure i wouldn’t ask for any thing more.Michael is the love of my life and he makes me happy.We have had a long week and a slow day was much needed.We baked some oat flour muffins for breakfast,boiled some fresh farm eggs that we had picked from a friend’s farm last night, and a cup of coffee!…..life is good.
Like any other true African wife,…..i carried our youngest baby girl on my back…. “she loves riding on my back for as long as i can take the back pain that comes with her pleasure” and we were all set to plant some beautiful fall flowers we had picked up from Lowes.
What is life?………many wonder.To me,this is life….the kind of heaven on earth,honoring God as a wife,mother,child and friend.

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