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”WHAT IS POVERTY?” by Jo Goodwin Parker

I love to read and it gets better when i can relate to what i read or write.I can surely relate to Parker’s article through my childhood and then be thankful for God’s provision in my life.

”Poverty is an acid that drips on pride untill all pride is worn away.Poverty is a chisel that chips on honor untill honor is worn away.Some of you say that you would do something in my situation, and maybe you would, for the first week or the first month, but for year after year?
Even the poor can dream.A dream of a time when there is money.Money for the right kinds of food,for worm medicine, for iron pills, for toothbrushes, for a hand cream, for a harmmer and nails and a bit of screening, for a shovel, for a bit of paint, for some sheeting, for needles and thread.Money to pay in money for a trip to town.And, oh, money for hot water and money for soap.A dream of when asking for help does not eat away the last bit of pride.When the office you visit is as nice as the offices of other governmental agencies, when there are enough workers to help you quickly, when workers do not quit in defeat and despair.When you have to tell your story to only one person, and that person can send you for help and you don’t have to prove your poverty over and over and over again.
I have come out of my despair to tell you this.Remember i did not come from another place or another time.Others like me are all around you.Look at us with an angry heart, anger that will help you help me.Anger that will let you tell of me.The poor are always silent.Can you be silent too?………………………………….” by Jo Goodwin Parker
It’s a long article but this part caught my eye and if you care to look around you,please do and then count your blessings because i now do.

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