Our Life


Today when i woke up from a much needed nap,my son was standing by my bedside with a bowl full of grapes and wanted to share with mommy 🙂 cute ….i thought.Well,i asked him to climb in bed and he did…sat by my side and started feeding me grapes as he told me that he loves me….a word i hear quite often from this cute boy of mine.I can see it……i am his love at the moment and i know i will always be his first love.To all mothers out there,you are your son’s first love and that’s ok bse it’s through you that they learn to love, respect and take care of a woman.
Do i think my husband’s first love is his mother? ofcourse yes! and that is a beautiful thing.I strongly believe that if a man never loved,can’t love or respect their mother,then they can never truely know what it means to love a woman
To my son Gary…..i hope one day you will make some one’s daughter happy .I love you and wish u the world!

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