Our Life


Today has been a very long day for our family and it’s been one of those days when i have been reminded that it’s only God that is in control of our lives.Out of no where my son tried to do something off our dresser,so what happens,well………the next thing i know was the dresser was fixing to fall down on him and so was the big glass coin jar that was sitting on top of it.Yea! he is only 3 and weighs 26 pounds.Some how i was able to turn quick enough,grabbed him out of the way……..and before i knew it,the dresser was down and so was the coin jar in thousands of little pieces of glass.No one got hurt but we are sure so thankful to God.
As though that was not enough,a tornado come through our area and of course i ended up so scared for our lives and having to mop  dry my kitchen that had water through our back door.Life is still good bse God reigns.

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