Our Life


Lately i have been confused about my purpose in life and have prayed to God to help me realize what it is that i am.Well,i have told you before that am a house wife and a stay at home mom .Is this what i thought i would turn out to be a couple of years ago? NO! i thought i would be a career woman,travel the world as a journalist and always put my self first in every aspect and now i clearly know that God’s will for my life was and will always be different from what i plan out in my shallow mind.
When do i count my blessings?whenever am doing my husband’s laundry,creating a meal for my family,changing one of my children’s diapers,doing dishes,vacuuming my house and waiting on my husband to get back from work.I know this sounds like the old days and to many boring,but this is my life and i count it as a blessing.Now that am all grown up,this is exactly what i want to be………A house wife.
I pray that God will continue to help me honor him in the roles that he has blessed me with.

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