Our Life


Last year i was diagonised with liver cancer,it was very scary and i remember thinking to my self if i could have done things differents to avoid this cruel reality.I know it was God’s plan for me but perhaps it still should have been better if i had taken some prcautions against it.And now that i keep reading alot about keeping my self healthy mainly the liver since it filters all the food and medications we take,i have learned to take care of it better.And here is what i would have to say to anybody out there who cares to know;caffeine,alcohol,tobacco,saturated fats and refined suger are hard fo the liver to break down,so it’s your choice to do the right thing now or cause yrself pain later.But knowing the pain one has to go through with surgeries and chemotherapy trust me,i would do whatever it took not to get to that point.
After some research,i have come to find out that some of the foods that are good for the liver are;Apples,beets,avocados,grapefruit and grapes so you can think of eating some of these whole or may be blend them in a smoothie with some yogurt.And please always drink lots of water because it helps flash out a lot!

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