Our Life


So my mother-in-law came to see us and it’s been really amazing having her here.Watching her love on her grand kids has been priceless but last nigh for dinner i figured it was time to impress her with some old fashioned kitchen skills.Having been born and raised in Uganda East Africa,i really don’t know much about some good all American cooking …but i always try.Well,last night for dinner i attempted to make gravy to go with my good old mashed potatoes that i have mastered very well.Ooooooh yea i did it! it turned out so good that instead of enjoying my dinner,i kept looking at every body’s face to make sure i had impressed.
Our boy who usually doesn’t like my potatoes for his personal reason did wipe out an entire plate of these mashed potatoes,the irresistible gravy and baked tilapia.Not to mention out daughter decided to wipe out my entire plate!I must say i am pretty good in the kitchen and i love it.

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