Our Life


Am so thankful to God for the good health he has given me and my family.Last year was a tough year for me and the rest of my family,around this time the only important thing that was going on ,was the preparations for my much needed chemotherapy;it was a scary thought and of course being human,i didn’t think i could handle all this load that i had to face.After my cancer news,the sugary and of course my brand new baby that i had by Cesarean section,i thought that was all i could take.
God knew it all and he wouldn’t give me more than i could handle;he was in control, but @ the time it was hard for me to believe.I thank God for all of that now because i know through all the pain, my family and i grew closer to him and through it all we have experienced his love and mercy.
As our 4th wedding anniversary approaches,i just want to appreciate my wonderful husband for the unconditional love through all the good and the tough times and of course my beloved mother-in-law.All i can say is,you describe what a mother is and should be.I love you mom.

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