Our Life

lovin life and keeping it fun.

I’m amazed everyday at how truly fun life is. as you grow up you think it be so fun to do this 1 day or that 1 day. but the truly fun thing to do is to live life. live life the way God wanted us to. being a good husband and father are 2 of the greatest responsibilities we have in this life as men. the joy of being with my wife and my children surpasses any other dreams I had as a child. I might not be racing nascar right now. but finding my 3 year old son asleep in his bed with a large book in his arms that he doesn’t know how to read yet is truly 1 of the best things to experience. to see his passion for life and his love for his family is the greatest joy. daddy loves you son

p.s. sorry for bad spelling and grammar. spell check doesn’t work so great on the phone.

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