Our Life


Tonight when took my daughter to her room for the night i couldn’t help but hold her so tight in my arms.”She is mine”,i thought to my self and i am her mother;the one precious thing i missed out when i was little, that mother’s tender touch. I lost my mom when i was little and trust me it hurts,i wonder everyday how it feels to have a mother and wish i had the chance to know the unknown,but i thank God that i can give this to my daughter as well as my son.
My baby girl just held me tight and i know i want that feeling to last,i wanna be everything to my daughter that i missed out on, i wanna listen when she needs a friend to talk to and i wanna lay down by her side one day as she tells me all about her day. I just want to love her unconditionally because that’s what being a mother is all about.
I love you my little girl and i hope you always still dance when everything else comes to a standstill.

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