Our Life


After my fight with cancer last year;the surgery and then chemotherapy,i have been so curious to learn about the right way to feed my family to prevent any cancer tumors.Although i have chosen to take these precautions,i believe God allows anything to happen in our lives.
Here are some foods that i have read about as helpful in detoxification of one’s body;Cauliflower(known for cancer fighting property],cayenne,Cinnamon[prevents inflammation by controlling blood sugar,garlic[eliminates toxins from the body and is anti parasitic].quinoa,winter squash,peaches,fennel[helps the body eliminate fat],asparagus[best glutathione food that supports liver detoxification naturally,lemon[contains over 30 detoxifying compounds] and ginger which improves the cleansing of kidneys and bowels.Of course the list is endless but i think these are some of the foods that we probably go past at the grocery store or even have in out pantry.For the ginger,i always make ginger sweet iced tea,i would add the peaches to a smoothie and the garlic in every dish that comes out of my kitchen.
We have had asparagus either grilled,baked or even steamed over steak,fish,but honestly i think i would even go as far as having it for an afternoon snack.

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